Advertising Technologies:
We develop bespoke products that increase both the efficiency and ROI of digital advertising campaigns for both social and PPC platforms.
Ad Campaign Analytics:
We use analytical data to strengthen individual advertising campaigns, increasing their success by analysing their target market in detail.
Digital Solutions Agency:
We synergise years of experience with the latest technology, creating unique solutions for our international clients.

Our services



We work with clients to identify, achieve, and exceed their digital marketing goals. This is achieved through clear communication, research and implementation using cutting edge software and technology.

Placement of the ad campaigns

Our expert team utilise analytical data and marketing trends in order to audit the placement of each advertising campaign. Once live, we monitor each advertisements progress and continue to optimise content and placement to receive maximum ROI for our clients

Evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

We love data, data makes our campaigns stronger and more efficient. Using ‘Сomprehensive Analysis’, we can measure the effectiveness of a media campaign, alongside the audience behaviour. This combined information helps to evaluate the campaigns

Development and adaptation of ad materials

Our design team are tech savvy entrepreneurs that work with multi-channel advertising campaigns across a variety of platforms. Every campaign is designed to promote and enhance the client to their desired target audience.



Our Skills:

Why choose us:

We offer performance marketing via display advertising. Using advertising data, we are able to measure goals and KPI’s and evaluate how effective they are.
For offline business, we build solid links that enable us to measure performance across the digital landscape.


We invest in the latest technology and software in order to automate services and create cost effective solutions for our clients. This is an efficient way to gather concise data analysis and reporting information to discuss with our clients.


Our offices are open for client visits and we welcome new discussions and brainstorming sessions. Our prices are competitive and created in synergy with our clients bearing in mind both budget and ROI.


Our team includes professionals from all areas of the digital marketing spectrum. Many of whom are fully trained on the latest tools and programs that help to achieve success and effective results for our clients.

The Agile Approach

Working closely with our clients, we develop measurable KPI’s, which helps us to measure the success of our campaigns. We adjust the variables in real-time until we achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Сomprehensive Analysis of the Ad Campaign

The ‘Сomprehensive Analysis’ is a bespoke technique that we have developed in-house as a solution for our clients. This technique uses quality control of placement, media indicators, post click+ post view data to evaluate the effectiveness of a given advertising campaign.

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Some moments of our creative life
Finding optimal frequency

MOYO is a second tier e-commerce player working in a highly competitive environment, capturing the smallest share out of top-5 e-commerce players in the country.

Improving the Effectiveness of Advertising Campaigns

Whilst running a display advertising campaign, it's possible to analyze the impact of the campaign and the way it has influenced the behavior of those who viewed and interacted with components of the advertisement in real time.

View-through Deep Audience Segmentation

De-facto, Bodo was the only big player in experience gifts category in Ukraine, however, the category itself was still in its infancy and was undergoing initial growth phase, which was too slow.

Behaviour-based Audience Segmentation

Car sales market was in the state of crisis and most of the competitors have either substantially reduced investments in the online promotion or decided to stop advertising online altogether. BMW, on the other hand, saw an opportunity to change the balance of power and fulfil the vacuum created by the crisis and cutting costs strategy of the competition.


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