How Post-view analysis helps to effectively evaluate media advertising

We live in 2022: Big Data, large amounts of information, advanced advertising technologies… But many advertisers and, more typically, ad

We live in 2022: Big Data, large amounts of information, advanced advertising technologies… But many advertisers and, more typically, ad agencies work with old methods of analysis and a small pool of measured metrics.

Here are metrics, that are generally considered key in the analysis of ads in the so-called “standard” approach to assessing the effectiveness of the campaign:

  • media indicators (impressions, clicks, frequency, CTR, reach of the target audience, etc.);
  • conversion rates (% revenue, % TrueCTR);
  • indicators on the landing page (% bounce, % new sessions, number, and time of actions, etc.).

This is not the poorest set of indicators. But in the case of media advertising, it does not reveal the desired range of analysis that would really help evaluate the effectiveness of the placement.

It is important to understand that display advertising is not direct action advertising. In the media, we are in contact with a cold audience, which at the time of the show may not be interested in the advertised product, and the task is to create this demand. At the same time, you need to be aware that this demand does not arise immediately after the impression and not even after the click, but after a while. Unfortunately, the metrics described above, which are used in the standard approach, do not make it possible to feel and analyze this.

Nevertheless, the Post-view analysis technique allows you to do this.

What is Post View Analysis

So, this allows you to see, evaluate and analyze the number of users who, after the impression, contact the site without clicking on the creative.

According to our data, in measured campaigns, the post-view part of the data is at least 28% of all users who contacted the creative, and then the client’s website. It would be unwise not to consider these data and not to try to analyze.

Bottom line, you need to look not only at the tip of the iceberg, but also evaluate what happens to the user without a click. As you can see, some of these users are often critical and, from the point of view of data analysis, it would be right to analyze them.

Multidimensional Data Analysis

We can see not only general data, but also broken down by different creative options, by sites, as well as by site actions performed by users.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the planes.

  1. Breakdown by creatives. This allows you to highlight those creatives that work best both as a whole and separately: directly through a click (Post-click) and without clicking on the banner (Post-view). This helps to determine which creative is really working and in which direction.
  2. Site data – this helps to more comprehensively assess what each individual site brings to the final results.
  3. Certain pages of the target site. It can be absolutely all pages up to the conversion (Thank you page). This segmentation helps to determine which sites perform well and which ones perform worse and in what aspects.

Based on the Holistic Analysis, we can see how much the target action costs through the full contact of the user. At the same time, it is important to realize that the analysis does not attribute part of the Post-view data only to media advertising: naturally, alternative traffic sources can also participate in the “income” of users on the site.

newage already has several cases where, after several successful campaigns, clients trusted this technique and CPA played a decisive role in Post-click+Post-view media planning.

Separation of final KPIs by sites and their contribution to various actions

Pizza 33 case study

We have repeatedly encountered the fact that different platforms work for different target actions in different ways.

But a comprehensive analysis allows you to change priorities by site. In the first diagram below, we see that from the point of view of the cheapness of CPA when considering only Post-click data, the sites megogo.net and sinoptik.ua would be the most profitable.

Although in fact, this opinion is not entirely true, since if you take into account the full range of data, placement on AdMixer and Pluses is the most profitable in terms of final conversion.

As a result, at the site selection stage and during the campaign, it is possible to work with those sites that give the greatest effect.

Also, there may be a situation when the same site works perfectly for the growth of registrations, but completely different sites work more efficiently to attract new users who make the first conversion action. You can see it and you can work with it.

How to Differentiate Post-View Data Contribution

In order to make sure that the Post-view works and it’s not just the organics that the advertiser gets anyway, it’s important to separate the wheat from the chaff and show that the Post-view really works.

So, for example, you can compare the array of data that we have through post-view both with the entire array of data on the site, and for individual traffic sources. At the same time, we can compare on a variety of indicators: from the number of actions performed by the user to the final conversion.

According to our data, a post-click+post-view user (that is, one who has been in contact with media advertising) is of higher quality than the average user on the site. It is also technically possible to separate a user who participated in another paid traffic source.

Findings and prospects

newage command. continues to develop the product. We work with the Comprehensive Analysis methodology, which helps to take a more comprehensive look at the effectiveness of display advertising and take into account not only post-view, but also cross-device conversions.

This allows you to get a more complete picture, which allows you to more widely and comprehensively evaluate the advertising campaign. At the same time, it helps both at the stage of the actual analysis, and at the time of campaign planning and its dynamic placement.

In analysis and media planning, there is no place for conservative approaches for a long time, and the task of both the business owner and digital specialists, in turn, is to take a comprehensive look at advertising campaigns.

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