How To Waste Your Advertising Budget And Achieve Nothing: Typical Mistakes Of A Marketer

Why a man is shown ads for pads on YouTube, why a children's cartoon is interrupted by an ad for condoms, what women's shampoo does in a football review.

Why a man is shown an ad for pads on YouTube, why a children’s cartoon is interrupted by an ad for condoms, what women’s shampoo do in a football review – these and many other questions are answered by Alexei Lyakh, head of the newage. digital agency.

Digital advertising is personalized. And we are so used to remarketing and relevant offers that any irrelevant banner and teaser hurts the eye. The Internet is not terrestrial TV. But condoms are advertised in children’s content, while women’s pads are advertised in men’s content. Well, how about without advertising actions for 30 or even 60 seconds, interrupting the video on YouTube?! This is a separate type of draining the budgets of the customer of advertising art!

It is necessary to pay attention not to the peculiarities of video consumption and prepare separate videos for digital. For example, our client placed such a video on TV

And I prepared this for Youtube.

The same video ad, but in the second case it was adapted for digital. All you need to say is in the first five seconds. Before the “Skip” button appears.

Here are some more good examples of adaptation.

In the first five seconds of the video, the brand and its product are revealed. Already further there are more details or creativity. But you can be sure that the user who started watching the video understood exactly what the ad was about.

Advertising Targeting And Why It Matters

Typically, ads are placed in bundled offers (blacklist targeting) or content-restricted, as suggested by YouTube, Google Ads, and others. In both options, the customer limits the type of content where he does not want to be shown.

The mechanics are simple, but it does not give a 100% guarantee. Here, for example, how we ourselves once got into trouble: we manually chose only entertainment content, which also includes sports topics. It so happened that the editors in the sports section added an article about the funeral of one of the athletes. And, of course, according to the well-known law, it was there that the client saw the advertisement of his brand. It is not worth talking about how much he was “satisfied” with the placement.

Mistakes in the selection of blacklists and packages just lead to irrelevant impressions. Also, don’t forget that new sites or content are always added to packages, and they may not match your primary selection.

There is an alternative, but, like any workaround, it is more difficult and labor-intensive. The path to excellence is always thorny and bumpy, but we do not give up.

Exclude Errors

Why am I doing all this – it’s more correct to create not a black list, but a white one. At least we practice this more often with our clients. In this case, we go from the opposite – we do not block inappropriate categories, but select appropriate sites, segments, targetings, sections, keywords.

This approach allows you to determine only the content that suits the brand. Yes, it’s more difficult, yes, inventory limits, yes, a lot of manual work. But this is critical. This is the only way to hit the target audience without a miss and better control the reputation of the brand, which means growing the brand without collateral damage.

This greatly affects the effectiveness of advertising for the better, and most importantly, the positioning of the brand. And it gives more guarantees that tomorrow a new resource with unwanted content will not appear in the package of sites or channels.

In newage, whitelists have already been tested in advertising by OLX, BMW, Citrus, Allo, Moyo, Marengo, Koblevo, Kozatska Rada, Bolgrad and many others. For them, we manually collected lists of YouTube channels by category (more than 20 thousand) and constantly update them.

But you shouldn’t stop there. We have a whitelist for Google Ads, Admixer, GetIntent and others. As a result, more than 40 thousand sites were checked. We control which whitelist to use for each client.

It cost us a huge amount of resources. And yes, you won’t be limited to just one. Whitelists should be updated at least once a quarter (or even more often), first checking the sites and channels that have more traffic.

Yes, it cannot guarantee 100% exclusion of low-quality or inappropriate content. But this option gives you more control over the placement of the advertiser’s videos. According to our estimates, whitelisting helps improve campaign performance by at least 30% (*according to the agency based on Comprehensive Analysis).

Colleagues, learn from experience and do not tease the audience with irrelevant displays. Come to the “white side”!

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