What is Display & Video 360, And Who Needs It?

You may have already heard of Display & Video 360, but you want to understand what this tool is and what you need it for.

As a certified DV360 agency, will cover in this article everything you need to know about this tool, including its key features and benefits. We will compare the capabilities of DV 360 with its more common counterpart, Google Ads, and tell how an advertiser can gain access to the platform.

What is DV360

Display & Video 360 is a tool for setting up and running display ads: banners and video ads. It is similar in functionality to Google Ads, but has several key differences that make DV360 a tool for large advertisers.

Display & Video 360 Vs. Google Ads Comparison

DV360 can be called an advanced version of Google Ads. To understand the difference between these two tools, we offer a comparison table of the main functions. It is immediately clear here which parameters DV has additional capabilities.

Google AdsDisplay & Video 360
InventoryOnly Google Display Network inventory
  • Over 100+ Additional Exchanges+ Private Deals Opportunity
  • Audio(except YouTube)
  • In-app
FormatsVideo, Banners, Discovery
  • Plus Rich media creatives
  • Format Gallery (13 formats)
  • інтеграція з креативними відділами, з Google WEB Designer
  • integration with Creative Studio
  • integration with Google Web Designer
  • Google Audiences
  • 1 party data
  • Combined audiences (in GDN)
  • 3party data of other providers
  • Combined audiences
  • Audience on campaign activity (frequency, number of views)
  • Campaign Manager floodlight pixels
  • Targeting: Viewability, Position
Brand SafetyWhitelists/Blacklists
  • additional Brand Safety settings
  • access to the additional verification
FrequencyOnly on line item OR campaign levelAbility to adjust frequency on the several levels simultaneously
ViewabilityAbility to set campaign goal
OptimizationOnly for target CPA, target CPM
  • viewability
  • maximize clicks
  • Complete In View
  • Audible (CIVA)— Time on screen 10 sec (TOS 10)
BiddingStandardCustom BiddingBid multipliers (upweight between 0.1 and 10 times)
Reporting and analyticsStandard
  • Deep Analytic including post-vew data
  • Insights-based reporting.
  • Inventory report

By the way, newage. has been named a 2022 Google Premier Partner

Key Benefits Of The Display & Video 360

So, let’s consider what advantages Display & Video 360 has and what opportunities it offers to advertisers.

Launch of direct deal advertising through the platform

When creating a campaign with maximum reach, it is impossible to bypass the use of direct media. Large sites try to monetize traffic with their own advertising products, selling site branding or banner space directly to advertisers.

That is, the advertiser can agree with the site about placing the banner. And, instead of trusting the site’s estimates about the traffic on the site and the likely effectiveness of advertising. will receive full analytics in the DV360 interface: how many views there were, what proportion of them was viewable, etc. And in the future, this data about contact with advertising on the direct site can also be used for remarketing to the audience of those who saw the advertisement.

In addition, DV360 itself offers many media productions in which you can set up an advertising campaign – placements are not limited to Google Display Network partners.

which exchanges can access display & video 360

Deep targeting possibilities

DV360 allows for very deep targeting, significantly deeper than Google Ads. In particular, DV360 users can use targeting signals:

  • time of day
  • weekday,
  • location of the device on which the advertisement is displayed
  • user’s browser, etc.

All this, in combination with other tools of the Google Marketing Platform, allows you to create the most personalized and in-depth advertising. For example, we have already described how to create dynamic weather-related creatives in Google Creative. If you run them through DV360, you can further personalize your ads and, for example, only show your ads on sunny mornings if that fits your campaign strategy.

Contextual targeting at google dv360 data

Audiences in DV360

You can manage your audiences along with your campaign. DV360 has features that help you create and manage audiences.

  1. Audience profile analysis. Learn about your audiences based on available first- and third-party data, as well as Google data, and create combined audiences for datasets.
  2. Behavioral Audience Builder. Create audiences based on campaign activity in Display & Video 360.
  3. Audience-based frequency capping. Set frequency limits for audiences based on all impressions.

At the same time, you can use not only the client’s own data about his audience but also 3rd party data, i.e. buy information about audiences collected by another company.

Increase efficiency through automation and additional optimization models

DV uses Google’s machine learning developments to optimize campaigns more effectively. They can be optimized for:

  • landing page traffic (CPC)
  • online sales (CPA);
  • installation of applications (CPI);
  • complete views (or listening) of advertisements (CIVA);
  • viewing advertisements for 10 seconds (TOS10);
  • flexible displays (AVCPM), etc.
dv360 optimization algoritms

How Much Does Display & Video 360 Advertising Cost?

The cost of advertising in DV360, as in Google Ads, is set at an auction among advertisers. It depends on the niche, season, advertising format, places of display, actions of competitors, and many other factors.

It should be noted that the prices for advertising in Display & Video 360 and Google Ads, which we provide below, are valid for a specific time and geotargeting. The numbers you see in your campaign cost projections will be different. We can only state that there is a difference between the cost of advertising in Google Ads and DV360.

It is also worth considering that Display & Video 360 sellers charge their commission for using the tool, which is not included in the table. Google Ads also has a commission, but it is hidden.

We investigated the general dynamics of advertising prices in Ukraine during 2022. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the article How much does Ukrainian digital advertising cost in 2022”

How To Get Access To Display & Video 360 As An Advertiser

Advertisers can access DV360 only through Google partners, including newage. But before granting access to the advertiser, Google asks partners to check that the team of those who will work with the tool has the appropriate certificate. If there are no such specialists in the client’s team, the partner agency should connect and help with the tool or with preparation for dv360 certification.

Many people think that a large budget is needed to use the tool, and most sellers and partners set conditions in volume. But this is not true. there are no restrictions, and we work from any volume. To get a Display & Video 360 consultation for your company, write “Tell me more about DV360” to gmp@newage.agency, or leave a request at https://newage.agency/our-services/google_marketing_platform-partner/display-video-360/ 

Conclusion: Who And When Should Set Up Advertising In Dv360

Display & Video 360 is a tool for setting up media (image, brand, performance) advertising campaigns.

Also, when choosing between Google Ads and DV360, you should pay attention to the scale of the campaign. It is easier to work with Google Ads, here you can quickly launch an advertising campaign and immediately see its results. The DV360 is a complex tool that you need to get the hang of or find a specialist before doing anything. And while the results in DV360 are likely to be better than in Google Ads, this difference in results is not always worth the effort.

We are in newage. we specialize in media advertising campaigns, so we constantly use DV360 in our work and have received Google Marketing Platform certification for this product. Here are some examples of campaigns where Display & Video 360 has come in handy for our clients, here you`ll see, what does display & video 360 allows its users to do.

  1. Case Study. How Display Ads Introduced AJAX to Italians 
  2. Three OLX case studies with the coolest display advertising analytics
  3. Firebase VS Adjust: How Display Campaigns Can Suffer Because of Data 
  4. Case of CenterCredit Bank 
  5. Case With Google Studio: how to make 40 personalized ads with resizes quickly and get results 

In all these campaigns, we combined Display & Video 360 with other Google Marketing Platform tools, such as Campaign Manager, Google Creative, Google Analytics, and others. The mutual integration of these products allows you to analyze and optimize campaigns even better than with DV360 alone. If you’d like to discuss your project and learn how Google’s professional tools can improve your campaigns, email us at: gmp@newage.agency.

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