What is Search Ads 360 and how to work in its new version in 2022

Search Ads 360 can give a big boost to search campaigns. In this article Traffic Manager newage. Vlad Bilousov will tell what this tool is capable of and what improvements should be appreciated in 2022.

Search Ads 360 is a tool that allows you to manage search campaigns, optimize them, and automate this management in real-time and scale. Included in the ecosystem Google Marketing Platform – a set of Google tools for large advertisers.

Search Ads 360 Features

Search Ads 360 Features

The developers define the SA360 as a tool to simplify work with search campaigns, not only Google Ads but also Microsoft Advertising, Yahoo, Baidu, and many other services that can still be integrated with Search Ads 360.

However, other benefits are useful for promotion.

  1. Automation. The tool allows you to automatically create lists of keywords, ads, campaigns, and ad groups.
  2. Manage your campaigns in one window. The system integrates with Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Yahoo!, Baidu, and other search engines. This, among other things, allows you to manage bids, budgets, etc. in different systems.
  3. Use of social indicators. The SA360 includes social networking data that you can use to improve your campaign. For example, Facebook can share conversion, impressions, and clicks. The system will continue to compare this data with our campaigns.
  4. Improve campaign performance. Smart bidding and budget bidding strategies greatly expand the possibility of optimization, compared to simple Google Ads.

By simply converting your campaigns from Google Ads to Search Ads with smart strategies for the latter, you can optimize your campaign. Read an example of this in the case “How one add-on reduced CPA by 15%”.

It may seem that the SA360 is an arrogant mechanism with which a person has nothing to do but press the “do good” button. But this is not the case, the tool requires a certain level of professionalism and makes it possible to apply it. Yes, in the service you can set custom parameters and upload your data to the system for more detailed and in-depth analysis.

Another important component is the Performance Center, which helps you plan your campaign. Based on the historical data in your account, it will help you plan your campaign, calculate your forecast CPA, see what happens if you change your target CPA, and more.


However, for us as certified partners of the Google Marketing Platform, easy integration with all other GMP products is important. This helps to gather more detailed information and analyze data more deeply. For example, get the most complete conversion path to correctly calculate its cost.

Here is a list of tools with which CA360 integrates:

Of particular interest is the integration with Adobe Analytics. This works most simply: we add tags and we will receive data from Adobe on these tags several times a day. They are matched to our data in Google Ads and so we can optimize even our campaigns and Google Ads using Adobe Analytics data.

Key updates SA360 for spring 2022: new experience

In the spring of 2022, Google announced a global update of Search Ads 360 and released a detailed course on the service with this in mind. We recommend it, but then we will talk about the main novelties.

Google says that in the new version of the SA360, they have improved integration with search engines. These are primarily Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

The new version no longer has scheduled account synchronization. If you are running a new version of the SA360, all the changes you make are implemented and triggered immediately. You no longer need to manually check sync.

Next, let’s look at more global updates that those who have already used the system will have to get used to.


This is what the updated home page of the SA360 looks like.

From this center, you can manage campaigns, accounts, and managers; you can manage the rules and everything in Google Ads, you can now manage in one window SA360.

Improved campaign management across multiple accounts. You can currently copy campaigns, keywords, and ad groups at several levels. You can move them within one account, copy them from one account to another – and all in one interface. It is very convenient.

Negative word management has also been added to mass management. They can also be copied from one account to another or multiplied into several accounts, which could not be done in the old version of SA360.

And about campaign management. Enable-disable, pause, and create automatic rules not only for the campaign of one account, but you can create rules common to several different customers.


The new version of the SA360 has added labels to help organize and work with your campaigns. Tags can be used to mark similar campaigns, similar brands, etc. If we use manual bid management, we can specify the keywords we need, and use some automatic bid-raising rules. You can tag campaigns in which we use data-driven attribution models and more.

You can also automate label assignments for any level. They will be created automatically, both for management through automatic rules and for generating reports. Or anything we can even imagine.

Custom columns

Раніше в Search Ads 360 було два окремих інструменти: стовпці та формули. Тож, щоб Previously, Search Ads 360 had two separate tools: columns and formulas. So to add a conversion or CPA with Floodlight to our report, we needed to create a separate formula to calculate that conversion. And then add a separate column for this formula, in which we integrated this formula, and so conversions were calculated.

So far, this feature has been combined. The screenshot shows that when we create a custom column and choose from the proposed formulas, what exactly do we create. And there you can very accurately create queries, such as the cost of the conversion we received, only from mobile devices; or the cost of the CR we need segments.


In general, the most important update for me is the interface, bringing it closer to the usual. Beginners who have not previously worked in SA360, but only in Google Ads, will not need to relearn, and that’s good.

But, of course, custom speakers are also long-awaited news, which will greatly simplify the work. And labels at the same time will help to organize the account, which will also improve the work of the specialist.

So far we have had the opportunity to work on both the old version and the new one. But you should know that the old and new versions are not synchronized. If we create a new version of the SA360, it will not always synchronize with the old one.

Video of lecture

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