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Google Marketing Platform — is an advertising and analytics ecosystem that brings together advanced Google tools for placement, analytics and optimization of advertising campaigns. It was created for the largest advertisers based on the DoubleClick solution and is perfect for display advertising.

>Campaign Manager

An advanced tracking system that allows you to evaluate delayed conversions after display ads. Used in Comprehensive Analysis to evaluate ad response, thanks to it, we have been able to track hundreds of billions of impressions.

>Display & Video 360

DSP is used to purchase and optimize media on ad exchanges. Additionally, it gives access to Google's advertising inventory through 50+ sources. It has more features than Google Ads. Formerly DoubleClick Bid Manager.

>Search Ads 360

A product for managing, controlling and optimizing search advertising campaigns. It has more flexible options for real-time optimization and saves up to 70% of the time for launching and optimizing campaigns.


A new solution in the GMP ecosystem. The tool is designed to speed up the process of setting up and launching personalized creatives. Automates the process of creating personalized ads.

>Looker (former Data Studio)

A service for creating dashboards into which you can import data from different systems. Allows you to collect, aggregate and process terabytes of information and build reports in real time.

>Analytics 360

An advanced version of Google Analytics that allows you to more accurately store and process data on large projects. Easily customizable and integrates with all tools.

>Tag Manager 360

Another tool from the GMP ecosystem. Gives great tracking options for large projects. Easily integrates with all 360 products.

>Surveys 360

Helps to obtain valuable information about consumers and conduct market research through surveys. All this allows you to make more informed business decisions.

>Optimize 360

Another product for scaling projects within the Google Marketing Platform ecosystem. Allows you to experiment with advertising.




We offer performance marketing via display advertising. Using advertising data, we are able to measure goals and KPI’s and evaluate how effective they are. For offline business, we build solid links that enable us to measure performance across the digital landscape.


We invest in the latest technology and software in order to automate services and create cost effective solutions for our clients. We focus our automation efforts on both: data analysis and generation of custom reports for clients.


We work with shared access to ad accounts and transparent fees. We are always open to discussion of our work and cost breakdown.


Our team includes professionals from all areas of the digital marketing spectrum. Many of whom are fully trained on the latest tools and programs that help to achieve success and effective results for our clients.

The agile approach

Working closely with our clients, we develop quantifiable KPI’s, which helps us to measure the success of our campaigns. We adjust the variables in real-time until we achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Сomprehensive analysis of the ad campaign

The ‘Comprehensive Analysis’ is a technique that we have developed as a solution for our clients. This method of analysis is a combination of quality and anti-fraud control, monitoring of media metrics, and factoring-in both post-click and post-view data to evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns.

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