Maximum Reach of an Adult Audience: ”Kozatska Rada” Case Study

The client wanted to reach the audience as much as possible and warm it up before the New Year holidays,

The client wanted to reach the audience as much as possible and warm it up before the New Year holidays, and in this article, Project Manager Diana Dranovskaya will tell you how we provided the client with impressions.

The Client

Kozatska Rada is an alcohol brand, a category leader specializing in vodka production. The client wanted to reach the audience as much as possible and warm it up before the New Year holidays.

Our Goal

Accordingly, our task was to build the maximum coverage of the target audience at the optimal frequency using video as the main format.

The target audience of the brand was men aged 25-54. According to the State Statistics Service, there are 8.3 million of them in Ukraine, and according to our research, 6.9 million of them are network users, which means, you can get them digitally.

campaign reach

Our Approach

During the campaign, we faced two big challenges.

  1. It was necessary to reach a really large audience and make sure that users saw the messages the required number of times.
  2. The campaign partly fell on the time of the advertisers’ hype before the New Year, and we were expecting an increase in the price at the auction.

Reach and Frequency

For promotion, we have chosen sites with the greatest potential for coverage: Google, Facebook, and a number of direct sites. And in order to ensure coverage at an effective frequency, we developed a multi-stage communication strategy and consistently showed ads to users in various formats:

  • TrueView (YouTube);
  • Bumper (YouTube);
  • Non-skippable in-stream (YouTube);
  • banners at Google Ads;
  • banners on Facebook;
  • In-stream on Facebook;
  • In-stream and banners on direct placements.

By the way, we have the manual on how to share access to a Meta ad account.

Throughout the campaign, ads were shown on YouTube, we took a break on the direct platforms during Black Friday, and banners were shown only in recent weeks to consolidate the effect.

Sequence campaigns worked great for gaining frequency, but lost out to standard campaigns in terms of cost.

Read more about Facebook post-view attribution in our article “How to Evaluate Ad Campaigns

Reserve before the New Year

In the second half of December, we decided to launch a reserve campaign on YouTube. This made it possible to avoid the growth of CPM and the fall in coverage during this period.

At the end of the campaign, a non-skip reserve was added, which helped to increase the volume. CPM got relatively cheap for this format

campaign results


As a result, we completed the planned impressions by 116%. Campaign reach outperformed expectations by 15%, while display frequency remained at the target level.

According to Brand Lift, recall increased by 47%. And although the younger audience, 18-24, memorized the videos better than others, the campaign influenced the audience 45+ the most.

Awareness also increased by 11%, driven the most by the burst campaign for users aged 25-64.

And buying intentions during the campaign increased by 9%, the largest increase here among the audience of 18-34 years old.

Client Feedback

“As a client, I can recommend the newage. agency as the most pragmatic and clear in its forecasts and decisions, in such a rather difficult to predict media as digital. The advertising campaign strategy worked flawlessly. We see an effect in sales that is comparable to the brand lift indicators”

Ivan Luciy, Brand Manager, Kozatska Rada

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