Creatives for the Holiday: MAUDAU Case Study

The client approached us for creative for their Valentine's Day advertising campaign.

About the Client

MAUDAU is an online platform for everyday shopping with convenient service; a large Ukrainian online store in the FMCG niche.

In 2022 client approached us for creative for their Valentine’s Day advertising campaign. Before the holiday, the store offered a discount on alcoholic beverages, so we had to inform the viewers of the ad about this promotion.

Our Approach

We purchased a vector image that served as the basis for the video and static creatives. It contained many themed 3D objects converted to vector, so they were easy to edit and animate.

The original image was in standard holiday colors, so the first task was to change the color scheme to match the client’s brand style. It was also necessary to organically embed the brand name, discount messages on the site, as well as the site address.Our designers have developed 6- and 15-second videos, separately for desktop and mobile. In each case, we followed our own golden rule for creating effective creatives: “Place the product, brand and main message of the ad in the first 5 seconds of the video.” Accordingly, in the first seconds, the viewer saw information about the discount, the MAUDAU name and recognizable bottles of alcohol brands.

In addition, it was necessary to remember the mandatory warning in alcohol advertising: “Excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to health.” We have allocated the area required by law for this message, so that creatives comply with the rules of alcohol advertising in Ukraine.

First, our designer animated part of the image. But the accent was a bit lackluster. Therefore, to make creatives more contrasting, we added a neon effect. Popular culture teaches us that neon was popular in the 1980s, but in reality it never went out of style for long, ever since the invention of neon signs in the 1910s. Light-up elements are people-pleasers and eye-catchers, so they fit perfectly with the heart-and-balloon festive atmosphere we created.

We repeated this effect on the rest of the creatives and it improved the aesthetic component of the ad.


So, we created a series of creatives of varying lengths and sizes that communicated the offer and introduced the brand to the viewer before the “Skip” button appeared. Here’s what they looked like as a result:

Client feedback

We were satisfied with the result, so we started to connect the newage team to the production of videos and motion design for our other projects. Promptness, healthy initiative and cool creativity are what we have every time!

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