What is Campaign Manager 360

In today’s world, marketing is becoming more and more complex and requires advertisers to work more and more delicately with

In today’s world, marketing is becoming more and more complex and requires advertisers to work more and more delicately with the audience. And for successful work, it is necessary to correctly track its effectiveness; have powerful tools that allow you to create and optimize advertising campaigns.

One such tool is Campaign Manager 360. As a Google Marketing Platform certified agency, we’ll explain what Campaign Manager 360 is, how it works, and how it can help advertisers succeed in online advertising.

What is Campaign Manager 360

Campaign Manager 360 is an advertising platform owned by Google and part of the Google Marketing Platform. It is an ad campaign management tool that allows advertisers to create and optimize ad campaigns across websites and mobile apps.

The hyperlink to Campaign Manager 360 is: https://campaignmanager.google.com/  But access to this platform is not available to everyone, but only to certified specialists and employees of companies that use the tool. To start using the capabilities of CM360, the advertiser should contact a sales partner of this product (partner gallery), or hire a certified agency, such as newage., as a contractor.

Key Features of Campaign Manager 360

The main function of Campaign Manager, as the developers call it, is the launch and management of advertising campaigns. And it’s a really useful tool.

As part of the Google Marketing Platform, CM easily integrates with all the other tools of this platform and Google in general. CM360 data can be easily transferred to Google Analytics, or downloaded to BigQuery and further visualized in Looker (formerly “Data Studio”). In particular, we provided instructions on how to link Campaign Manager with Google Studio and Google Web Designer to correctly launch and track dynamic creatives: “What is Google Studio and how dynamic creatives work.”

But we are in newage. focused on another strong point of Campaign Manager — advertising analytics. Using CM for campaign tracking, we created the author’s method of Holistic Analysis of media advertising. Its essence is to analyze the delayed effects caused by advertising. It is with the help of Campaign Manager 360 that we mark the audience of those who viewed this or that advertisement, and subsequently, when the viewer of the advertisement enters the target site, we can correctly attribute such a visit to an effective media campaign.

This deepening of analytics and tracking of delayed effects allows you to correctly improve advertising campaigns. The illustration below shows the effect of advertising on a number of platforms. If you focus on dark blue fields (direct transitions from advertising), you can assume that only banner advertising is working and disable all other tools. But, taking into account the delayed effects (orange and blue parts on the graph), it becomes clear that YouTube advertising is effective and cannot be excluded in any case.

The delayed effect of advertising that we track is divided into two types: post-view and cross-device.

  1. Post-view is the performance of targeted actions some time after viewing an ad. For example, a person saw an ad in the middle of the week, remembered some points, and on the weekend decided to Google it and went to the site for a brand request.
  2. Cross-device is time-delayed actions from different devices. For example: a user saw a commercial on a smartphone while riding the subway, didn’t go there, but when he got home, he Googled the brand’s UTP from his computer.

Cross-device conversion tracking is quite useful for marketing in a world where every user has 3-5 devices with internet access. And it is especially useful when promoting applications. Read details in the article: “Cross-Device Tracking — Why is It Necessary?

Campaign Manager Use Cases

We use Campaign Manager in almost every media campaign. If you look at any case of newage., the effectiveness of advertising in it is measured, most likely, with the help of CM. Here are the most striking examples in which CM360 tracking was the cornerstone of advertising analytics and optimization.

  1. Audience segmentation based on behavior. We decided to build segmentation based on behavioral characteristics rather than socio-demographic ones. To do this, Holistic Analysis identified people who saw the ad but did not click on it and after some time visited the BMW website through another channel.
  2. Linking offline campaign to online in FMCG. Here, Campaign Manager helped track the delayed effect of ads and conversions to relevant landing pages of those who saw display ads.
  3. Audit of PR activities — the case of BMW. An experimental campaign in which CM360 and I measured the effectiveness of PR articles rather than ordinary digital advertising. We monitored the impact of the articles on readers: how many of them subsequently went to the target site and how they behaved on it.
  4. Cross-device conversions when advertising the application. Campaign Manager made it possible to correctly attribute the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and add to the analytics information about those who saw, for example, an advertisement on a desktop computer, and later installed the application on a smartphone.

Conclusion: Pros and cons of using CM

  1. Campaign Manager 360 is a powerful and effective tool for creating and tracking advertising campaigns.
  2. To access the capabilities of CM 360, an advertiser should contact a sales partner for this product or hire a certified agency such as newage.
  3. Campaign Manager is a tool for launching and managing advertising campaigns that easily integrates with Google Marketing Platform and other Google tools.
  4. One of the strengths of CM is ad tracking, which can be used to track the delayed effects of an ad campaign and improve it. The method of Holistic Analysis of media advertising uses CM360 to attribute visits to the target site to effective media campaigns.
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