Why should an agency be a Google Marketing Platform Partner

We will tell you which agencies become Google Marketing Platform partners and what this status gives.

The newage. agency is being a Google Marketing Platform partner for the last 4 years. This allows us to automate work as much as possible, provide clients with advanced analytics and a 360° view of marketing. In this article, we will tell you which agencies become Google Marketing Platform partners and what this status gives.

What is Google Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platform is an advertising and analytics ecosystem that brings together advanced Google tools for placement, analytics and optimization of advertising campaigns. It was created for the largest advertisers based on the DoubleClick solution and is perfect for working with display advertising.

GMP consists of such tools:

  1. Campaign Manager 360 it is an auditor; tracking system that tags those who have seen ads. Using it, you can track post-view and cross-device conversions.
  2. Display & Video 360  it’s like Google Ads, but with significantly more settings, analytics, and optimization models. There is additional inventory here that is not in ads.
  3. Analytics 360 is an advanced version of Google Analytics that allows you to better understand how users interact with a business; it works simultaneously with websites and mobile applications. This analytics system integrates with all other GMP tools, so you can collect more data and have more options for working with it.
  4. Search Ads 360 allows you to manage search campaigns simultaneously in Google Ads, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and other systems. It helps you set up large campaigns faster and gives you more options for optimizing campaigns. Here you can work more precisely with the audience in automatic mode.
  5. Creative Studio
  6. Optimize 360 helps you experiment and personalize your content.
  7. Surveys 360 — a tool for creating surveys.
  8. Tag Manager 360 is an advanced version of GTM that allows you to manage site and application tags from a single interface.
  9. Looker (former Data Studio) is a big data visualization tool.

Many GMP tools have free counterparts, but parts of the ecosystem outshine them in terms of the amount of data they collect and the opportunities they offer advertisers.

How does an agency get GMP certified?

GMP certificates are obtained separately for each product. That is, in order to collect all the products in the arsenal, it is necessary to pass certification eight times. The certificates themselves come in three levels.

At the first level, a specialist certificate. It can be obtained by any specialist who has studied the reference materials and passed the relevant exam. This certificate is necessary for a person to be given access to the tool in principle. Even if it is a representative of the client of the agency.

The next level of partnership is a certified agency. To qualify for this status, a company must have at least 5 product-certified professionals on staff. The agency is also preparing a subject description, several cases using GMP products. Then the cases and the company are defended in front of the Google team — you need to talk about the agency, its structure and the nuances of work. At the same time, each product is protected separately, and unique and detailed cases are prepared for each certificate.

After passing this procedure, the agency receives the status of a platform partner certified for one of the products. After that, you can gather specialists for the next product and apply for the next certification. For example, newage. agency has passed certification for four products:

Those who have received the status of a partner need to confirm the examination every year. The Google team is checking to see if the agency still has the right number of certified professionals and if the company continues to work with the tools.

There are also companies with the status of Sales Partner — they are selected at the Google level to work in the region, develop the market and attract new customers.

In addition, there is the status of a certified trainer. To get it, you need to go through several stages of certification:

  • exam in an online format with advanced questions on the system, a passing score is above 80% of correct answers;
  • oral interview with the Google office and defense of cases, expertise, communication skills.

The duties of certified trainers include conducting webinars in the relevant market, consulting clients and specialists from other agencies. This status entitles you to first access to advanced system features, training webinars and priority testing of new tools from Google.

In newage., CEO Alexander Rolsky has this status.

What does a GMP certification give an agency?

Certification is a difficult procedure for an agency indeed, but it provides a number of benefits that are worth at least trying.

  1. Early access to new releases and products in beta. All new materials, tools and features go through partners first. Clients of partner agencies can test tools that are not yet in the public domain and get a clear advantage.
  2. Agency status indicator. The company receives confirmation that it has an assembled team of specialists. This team works with clients and has proven their skills.
  3. Recommendations from Google. All partners are represented in the Gallery, where advertisers can choose specialists with the necessary expertise. Also, when a large advertiser goes directly to their local Google office for help with GMP, they recommend partners whose expertise they trust.

GMP Ecosystem Opportunities for the Client

The client of the GMP partner agency receives advanced tools that allow you to customize, analyze and optimize campaigns better than is possible with the basic tools.

360° view of marketing

GMP as a whole is set up for the mutual integration of tools. It allows you to connect everything in one ecosystem: media, performance, site optimization, etc. In this way, you can get a comprehensive look at marketing activities. Clients see information from various advanced systems in one window, and expert employees can optimize the performance of tools based on data.

Advanced Analytics

The integration of several GMP products allows you to collect detailed information about potential customers and most accurately evaluate the effectiveness of display advertising. In addition, our level of expertise allowed us to develop a dashboard for clients where they can watch advertising campaigns in real time.

Conversion attribution

Google Marketing Platform allows you to accurately track the performance of your display ads. Advanced tools allow you to link post-view and cross-device conversions with ads and optimize campaigns with surgical precision.


We automate the work as much as possible so as not to waste the time of specialists copying data from column to column. Therefore, our clients can be sure that when a specialist works on their campaign, he really makes it better. Automation is one of the values ​​of our company, so we share its detailed recipe in the article: “Dashboard newage. 2021: how to automate the work of a media agency”.

How will GMP products develop further?

Google Marketing Platform allows you to move from point-to-point optimization of campaigns to the level of MarTech approach – when you do not just set up ads, but use automation and optimization to multiply the results.

The products are set to make more personal marketing, more thoughtful, with more data, but faster. And, accordingly, many functions are configured for automation. But they provide more data and more options. Here the task is not to control the hands, but to set them up so that they control themselves. But people have to set it up.

GMP is a quick download of campaign settings, quick collection of data on results, and their simple convergence. Alexey Lyakh, co-founder of newage, spoke in more detail about this direction of work in a lecture at iForum, read its summary in the article “An advertiser who does not use automation will lose.”

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