Apple App Tracking Transparency Global Change

We have collected all the relevant information about App Tracking Transparency and made recommendations on how to facilitate adaptation.

Apple has released the iOS 14.5 operating system. This is the first version of iOS with the new App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework, which cuts down on the ability to track user actions. We have collected all the relevant information about App Tracking Transparency and made recommendations on how to facilitate adaptation.

What has changed and what can be done about it?

In the near future, it will be noticeable that the traffic in campaigns designed for iOS has changed. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully monitor the performance of your iOS app campaigns and adjust your budget and bids as needed.

Let’s take a look at the changes in the main advertising ecosystems.


App promotion campaigns

  1. Consolidate all campaigns for iOS apps. For app install campaigns to perform at their best, limit the number of events to eight for each of your iOS apps.
  2. Update Google Analytics for Firebase to the latest version and implement SKAdNetwork. This system allows for up-to-date information on installations, as far as possible under the new rules.
  3. For app campaigns, change your strategy to target CPA instead of Target ROAS.

Website promotion campaigns

  1. Make sure your site uses a custom tag (gTag.js or Google Tag Manager). This will help you link conversions to ads that are subject to ATT rules.
  2. Make sure your site supports custom URL parameters, as there’s a new parameter recently introduced that allows you to track iOS user conversions without violating Apple’s policies.
  3. Enable audience expansion or targeting expansion for remarketing or email list campaigns. It’s also a good idea to add Lookalike Audiences to all ad groups or campaigns to correct for the loss of reach.

Resources for more information about iOS 14:


  1. The site needs to be verified. To do this, sign up for Facebook Business Manager and follow the instructions. This is necessary to prevent disabling ads in your account.
  2. Prioritize events according to the funnel (Events Manager), because Facebook will be able to register only one event, which is made by users who have opted out of tracking.
  3. Review audience targeting, because remarketing groups will decrease (users who opted out of tracking will become unavailable).
  4. Rethink campaign segmentation because Gender, Age, Location, and Placement breakdowns for in-app conversions will not be available.
  5. Consider the reduced attribution window when analyzing performance. The changes also affected them – 1 day after the view and 7 days after the click (was 28). Windows are now installed at the ad group level.

More Resources:

Here are the key changes combined in a table format for ease of understanding:

Limit on the number of optimization events8 slots/domain63 slots/application
Value Optimization4-8 Value SetsValue Sets with 0-1$ steps
Reporting restrictionsAggregated conversion data at the campaign levelStatistical data modeling at the group and ad levelNo breakdown of data across different creatives in one adBreakdowns by action and impression, including by age, gender, region, and placement, will not be supported.
Data delayevents are logged by conversion time, not ad impression timeevents are logged by the time they were sent from SKAdNetwork, not the time they actually happened

If you have any questions, ask in the comments, we will respond promptly.

By the way, we have the manual on how to share access to a Meta ad account.

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