Campaign Manager Features: Creative Rotation

We continue to talk about useful little things in your favorite tools. This time the newage. traffic manager Igor Gaponenko will talk about creative rotation in Google Campaign Manager.

What is creative rotation on Google

Creative rotation is a campaign setting available when using Google Campaign Manager as an ad server. It allows you to set rules for ad rotation and thus regulate the frequency of displaying a particular creative within a single campaign.

Google Campaign Manager is a part of Google Marketing Platform an advanced tracking system that allows you to evaluate delayed conversions after display ads. Used in Comprehensive Analysis to evaluate ad response, thanks to it, we have been able to track hundreds of billions of impressions.

With the help of rotation, we can consistently change the creative one after another, or show one twice as often as the other, or the frequency can depend on the number of conversions that are made from the ad.

How to set up creative rotation in Google Campaign Manager

To set up creative rotation, open the ad properties and navigate to the Creative Assignments section. In it, find the “Rotation of creatives” menu and select the rotation option. For each creative, check the start and end dates, as well as the data in the Rotate column.

Creative rotation scenarios and sequences in Campaign Manager

Advertisers can customize the sequence or scenarios for displaying creatives. And more importantly, it’s free to use. There are several rotation options in SM.

  1. Sequential, where ads appear one after the other in the order you specify.
  2. Uniform rotation, when impressions are distributed evenly.
  3. Weighted rotation, when we ourselves assign a weight to the creative. Conventionally, 80% of one creative can be shown, and 20% — another creative.
  4. By CTP – the ad with the highest will be shown more often.
  5. Optimized rotation, when we can choose what the rotation will be based on. For example, when choosing a click-through conversion, from a specific floodlight conversion – where there are more conversions, it will be shown more often.

If the issue of creative for advertising is relevant for you, read our article “How do you know which creative works best? Test.

All of these options can be combined, use several ads at once, and create full-fledged scenarios to gradually introduce the user to the brand messages.

Now we are testing creative rotation in detail on client projects and will soon share the results of the experiments.

If you need some effective banners for your campaign, check our design page or just write: “We need to talk about banners” to info@newage.agency

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