CPA in display campaigns or how to measure the effectiveness of advertising actions

What is post-view and post-click and how they affect real purchases. Comprehensive analysis of digital advertising

When analyzing display advertising campaigns, most advertisers evaluate media metrics (impressions, clicks, coverage), conversion metrics, and landing page metrics (bounces, new sessions, number, and timing).

But display advertising is not direct action advertising. In the media, we are in contact with a ”cold” user who at the time of the show may not be interested in the advertised product. The task of display advertising is to create this interest, to create demand. In this case, the demand may not arise immediately after the show and not even after the click, and after a while, and for each case, this time may be different.

At the same time, it is possible to measure a similar effect! This can be assessed through the Comprehensive Analysis of Display Advertising. The method takes into account not only advertising clicks but also delayed post-view and cross-device conversions; and also allows reweighing of these data with media indicators (coverage, hit in CA, frequency coverage, etc.)

What are pending conversions, and why are they so important?

It is very difficult to overestimate the importance of Post-view. After all, this information gives us an understanding of what the user did after seeing the creative. We understand how much the ad is remembered by the user and, most importantly, whether the user has aroused our creativity!

This analysis is carried out using cookie-matching we see all the same familiar to us post-click data (for example in Google Analytics), but only after users have simply been in contact with advertising.

The analysis can be performed with the help of researchers-auditors working in the market of Internet advertising: Gemius, TNS CMeter, Double Click Manager, etc.

What gives Comprehensive Analysis

Understanding how many users contact the site after the ad is displayed without clicking on the creative

According to newage. in the measured campaigns, part of the post-view data is at least 28% of all users who contacted the creative and then the client’s site. It would be unwise to ignore this data and not try to analyze it. The graph shows that Post-view actions have a significant share of actions taken after contact with the creative, which is critical from the point of view of data analysis. We believe that this data also needs to be analyzed, in which case the analysis will be more comprehensive.

Analysis of data in several planes

With the help of the above systems, we can see not only the general data but also the breakdown.

  1. Creative. Breakdown by creative allows you to select those creative that work best both as a whole and separately: directly through the click (Post-click) and without clicking on the banner (Post-view). This helps determine which creative works and in which direction.
  2. Playgrounds. It is also possible to analyze data on sites – it certainly helps to more comprehensively assess what each site contributes to the final results.
  3. User actions on the site. Among other things, the system allows you to put codes on certain pages of the target site. It can be absolutely all pages up to conversion (Thank you page). For example, if a company is engaged in training, we can see which areas of training are more interesting, on which sites the target audience sits, and this audience will be different for each area or course. And in the end, we can see how many purchases of courses were made; which and from which sites. This segmentation helps to determine which sites work well and which are worse and in which aspects.

And also to combine these breakdowns – sites-creative, actions-sites, and even actions-sites-creative! On what platforms do creative things work well? Which creative works best for viewing the price list, and which for conversion?

If the issue of creative for advertising is relevant for you, read our article “How do you know which creative works best? Test.

Understanding when the user returns

The system allows you to estimate how much time has passed from the date of contact to the time of visit to the site, in the standard settings it can be from 10 seconds to 30 days.

Thus, CPA can be considered in display advertising!

Based on Comprehensive Analysis, we can see how much the targeted action costs through full user contact.

It is important to realize that the analysis does not attribute part of the Post-view data only to display advertising: of course, the “income” of users to the site may be involved as an alternative source of traffic. Nevertheless, we already see the unequivocal contribution of display advertising, and this must be taken into account.

Division of final KPIs on sites and their contribution to various actions

We have repeatedly encountered that different sites work on different targeted actions differently. First of all, Comprehensive Analysis can change site priorities.

In this perspective, it is important at the beginning of the campaign to accurately assess and identify exactly those KRI and key actions that are important to the client. At the same time, the CPA is outweighed and as a result, we have a completely different picture – and hence other decisions regarding sites.

There may also be a situation where the same site works perfectly for the growth of registrations, but to attract new users who make the first conversion action – more efficient work on completely different sites. This is obvious and you can work with it.

Additionally, work is underway to determine what exactly affects the final CPA among the many metrics that can affect the final price.


The Comprehensive Analysis technique helps to look at campaigns comprehensively and evaluate their effectiveness. With it, we answer many questions.

  1. How successful is the campaign in terms of investment?
  2. How to evaluate which creative works best in numbers?
  3. What frequency to choose for the brand or creative?
  4. How often do you need to contact the user?
  5. Which site or targeting worked best?
  6. Which regions work better / worse and how to use it in analysis, planning, and placement?
  7. Through which channel does display investment return?
  8. How are paid, and free traffic distributed among sources?
  9. What is the correlation between the results of panel studies and the final indicators on the site?

Not the least role here is played by the speed of analysis and decision-making. That is why Comprehensive analysis is an element of agile marketing. Agile marketing requires processing a huge amount of information, working with many data sources, and, most importantly, the speed of evaluating effectiveness. To do this, agencies optimize and automate the receipt of this data from servers, auditors, and other data sources. Those agencies that can implement this will have a strong advantage.

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