Linkedin Advertising Guide: Who Should Launch The Campaign

Linkedin is a global professional social network that unites more than 800 million users from 200 countries. Advertising here has

Linkedin is a global professional social network that unites more than 800 million users from 200 countries. Advertising here has the potential to reach 14.6% of the world’s population, besides, it will be an adult and paying audience that comes online mostly for work, not entertainment. Since Ukrainian creative industries are now rapidly integrating into the global economy, we should also pay attention to Linkedin. In this article newage. will introduce you to the variety of advertising on Linkedin and give advice on who should try these methods of promotion first.

What is LinkedIn Advertising?

Linkedin is a social media that connects people in professional communities. In contrast to other social networks, in Linkedin the career identification of participants comes to the fore, because their position and place of work is written under the name and surname of each participant.

Linkedin Ads is an opportunity to distribute your content among users of the platform. It has the ability to target users not only by interests, but also by the areas in which the audience works and even positions. Linkedin also has its own network of partner placements and, accordingly, the ability to show ads to users outside the social network.

Like any other social network, Linkedin offers its users advertising opportunities. In this article, we will consider which ones.

Linkedin Ads Format

All Linkedin advertising formats can be divided into four large groups.

  1. Sponsored content. These ads look like regular user or business posts, but appear in feeds marked as ads. These can be posts with pictures, videos, or links.
  2. Sponsored messages. Users see such advertisements in the section with personal messages. This includes advertising messages displayed in the area designated for this purpose, as well as functionality similar to newsletters, when users receive messages from the advertiser, in fact, in the format of a message.
  3. Dynamic ads. Some ads can be personalized for viewers. At the same time, unlike other similar solutions on the market, here the advertiser does not need to download his own feed, which will be adapted to the user. Instead, the network offers simply to insert a photo of the user who sees it, his position, place of work, etc. into the ad.
  4. Advertising on the LinkedIn Audience Network, which allows you to display banners, carousels, and video ads outside Linkedin on partner resources.

Next, let’s consider the specific formats that advertisers can choose on Linkedin.

Оголошення з одним зображенням є форматом реклами спонсорованого вмісту. Оголошення містять одне зображення та з’являються безпосередньо в каналі LinkedIn для професіоналів, яких ви хочете охопити, як на комп’ютері, так і на мобільному пристрої.

A carousel ad lets you show multiple images consecutively in a single carousel format. These ads can be customized to have unique images, captions, and targeted links that help you tell an interactive story on desktop or mobile.

Video ads

Video advertising on Linkedin appears in the news feed and looks like a regular post there, albeit with a “sponsored” note. There are no prerolls or the need for the user to skip ads: the video will not start until the user starts it. However, if you set the campaign goal to “view videos”, it will be optimized so that the ad is seen by those who are most likely to watch the content.

Event ads

Event ads are another type of sponsored content that allows users to see a message about your event in their news feed. The event announcement must be created in the Linkedin interface.

Text ads

Linkedin calls a text ad an ad consisting of 100 characters of text (25 in the title and 75 in the signature), a link and an image of 100*100 pixels. A ready-made ad is similar to a banner that appears in special blocks next to the news feed.

Message ads

The format allows you to send personal messages via LinkedIn Messages to potential customers to encourage them to take action. In its essence, the tool is very close to mailing services, but without the need to independently collect a database of recipients.

Follower ads

From the name, it may seem that this is an analogue of remarketing, but here it is still about advertising to new audiences to recruit followers. This ad is dynamic, in which the user sees his avatar next to your company logo and CTA.

This format can be useful for building brand awareness and attracting activity to the page – at least one of these goal options can be selected when creating a campaign.

Spotlight ads

Another type of dynamic advertising on Linkedin, in which the logo of the advertiser is combined with the avatar of each individual user. Unlike Follower ads, but here you can add your own URL and set site conversions as the goal of the campaign.

Linkedin Ads Types by Objective

Like any other advertising cabinet, Linkedin offers advertisers to choose a target when setting up a campaign. And the list of options here is quite long – we will consider the main points here.

  1. Brand Awareness suggests telling people general information about your brand and product. The campaign will be optimized in such a way as to show the advertisement to the widest possible range of the target audience. The main KPI here will be audience coverage.
  2. Video views encourage viewers to watch your videos. This goal is similar to the previous one, but unlike Brand Awareness, it involves the use of video creatives and appropriate formats.
  3. Engagement — when choosing this goal, advertising will be aimed at user reactions: likes, comments, shares. Such reactions will be the key result of the campaign.
  4. Lead generation — conversion elements, the purpose of which is to get a form filled in Linkedin.
  5. Website visits lead users to your site when they click on an ad. The KPI here will be a conversion to a landing page or sending a message, if you use this goal in the format of “sponsored messages”.
  6. Website Conversions — the ad will not only invite users to your site, but also track whether users there make a targeted conversion.
  7. Job Applicants is a unique target based on the specifics of Linkedin. It is used to promote vacancies and receive feedback on them.

Each target has restrictions on the formats it can be used with. For example, it would be illogical to set a “watch video” goal for sponsored image posts – it will only work with video ads. If you want to know more about format target ratio, there is a detailed help article about it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of advertising on Linkedin

Linkedin positions itself, among other things, as an ideal platform for B2B companies. According to the service, 4 out of 5 users are decision-makers in one way or another – and therefore, this is where you should offer your products and services for work. Moreover, the network allows you to target the audience depending on the position a person holds, that is, you can directly show the offer to directors and heads of departments.

All this, according to Linkedin, gives B2B-companies twice the conversion rate and increases consumer intentions by a third (compared to “other” platforms).

It should be noted here that in the American segment of Linkedin you can find professionals from all niches: from officials to plumbers, so any B2B companies really need this social network there. But, for example, in Ukraine there is a certain specificity: our Linkedin looks like a closed group of IT people and their friends. But the audience is expanding, and perhaps soon this objection will become irrelevant. However, for now, the advertiser should check in detail whether his audience is even online.


Linkedin is a potentially useful advertising tool that Ukrainian advertisers should at least test. Advertising on Linkedin will be especially useful for B2B companies whose potential customers use this network.

Linkedin’s ad formats are displayed to users in and around their news feed, and you can also launch newsletters and display ads in personal messages. Ads can raise brand awareness, attract users to interact with your account or site; and also the system has specific formats aimed at finding workers.

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